It is UNIICT's business service implemented with high technology. 

Information and communication SI 

With extensive experience, Uniict offers 

a wide range of information and communication systems and equipment services. 

System equipment distribution 

With wide coverage, we sell customized products based on customer requests. 

Visual Design Service


We provide customized web, print promotional materials, and various visual graphic design services. 


We provide customized design solutions that effectively convey the brand value of our customers. 


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'Uniict' is certified as a promising small and medium-sized company in 2023

조회수 17

Gyeonggi-do Province announced on December 6 that it held a 

"2023 Gyeonggi-do Promising Small and Medium Business Certificate Award Ceremony" 

at the Gyeonggi-do Economic Science Promotion Agency on December 5, attended by more than 300 people, including Yeom Tae-young, Vice Chairman of the Economic and Labor Committee of the provincial council Lee Byung-gil, representatives of certified companies and officials

and awarded certificates and signboards to 212 companies.

The Gyeonggi-do Province Promising Small and Medium Business Certification System is a project to discover small and medium-sized enterprises in Gyeonggi-do Province 

with great growth potential and foster them as leading companies in the local economy.

A total of 1,001 companies applied for this year's "Gyeonggi-do Promising Small and Medium Enterprises" contest, showing a high competition rate of 5:1

Certified companies will be given a variety of benefits in 61 items operated by nine organizations, including certificates and certification boards in the name of the governor of Gyeonggi-do, and preferential interest rates and additional points for applications for support projects when supporting small and medium-sized businesses.

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